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Frequently Asked Questions

What Should I Do If My Vehicle Has Just Been Hit By Hail And Has Damage?

You should first contact your insurance company and report your damage. They will probably have you bring your vehicle in for their appraisers to examine and give a damage assessment. If that is the case, we can work right off the insurance estimate and all you have to do is call Dent Works and set up a time for a repair to be done at your convenience. If they are not going to send out an appraiser to look at your vehicle, then they will suggest you get an estimate, in that case just call Dent Works and we can come out and give you a free estimate.

How Does PDR Work?

We slowly massage or push the dent out from the back side using special metal rods and hand tools.

How Long Do Repairs Take?

Most door dings can be repaired in under a half-hour, and bigger dents naturally take more time and patience. Most hail damaged vehicles can be repaired in only one day.

Will The Dent Or Dents Ever Come Back?

No, once the repair has been done and the metal restored to its original condition that dent will never come back. That is because metal has a memory and it will return to its place that it was formed when given assistance by a dent technician. Only if there is new damage will you ever have a dent there again.

Are All Dents Repairable?

Most are, but in some cases the damage may have stretched the metal or cracked the paint or simply been to sharp for a repair to be done to 100% satisfaction. So in those cases we may suggest that you go to a body shop for a conventional repair.

What Guarantee Does Dent Works Offer?

We at Dent Works guarantee that we will repair the dents to the best of our ability and that the dents will never reappear, and we promise that if some of the damage is not a good candidate for PDR we will let you know before ever starting a repair.