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Hail damage, its always terrible. Our car, our truck our roof of our house, can just get pummeled! We don’t fix roods on houses, but we do fix the roof of your car, the hood, the trunk, the side panels, yes we fix hail damage dents. It’s not a game, however we do enjoy the work that we do, as we enjoy making something that looked damaged, and make it look like new again. DentWorks has been doing hail damage repair for over 30 years! In fact many of our competitors are fine people for whom we trained! At times there is so much hail damage that we cannot even take all the job requests. However, we want you to always call us first so we can review your needs and if we are too busy we will recommend others we know can care for you in the way you need. We are the best at hail damage repairs for cars or trucks. and we are fair in how we make a living. Call us today!